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Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Miranda davis


Autoshop defeat!

1993 Nissan 240sx

I like twisted teas and tandies w the boys

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Alec Myers


Broke Boiz

2001 bmw 330i

I love all things with timing components that like to just not work, wether it be a 5.4 triton or a bmw with vanos that just straight up doesn't work. I like buying parts from Germany or Russia and waiting 3 months for them to show up and not be right. Ebay is life.

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Tom Robinson.



S13 coupe

A real pain in the ass. Manages to polish everything but his skills on track. Not the greatest. But, better than Travis Baum.

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Hannah Thomason



Sicccc Nissan 240sx s14

Noob driver. Actually lives in Georgia. Will eventually make it up to an event here but who knows because KA S14. Went to Japan once. Might steal your girlfriend. Definitely has a pet raccoon.

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Austin Mercer



2003 Nissan 350z

I can’t drift for shit, and my car has a cement wall magnet.

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Jake Laubenstein



Turbo Ls14

Kind of a Rookie driver. I basically just grind my way to 3rd and hope for the best

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Andrew Ekstrom


Looks Broken

Miata (LS Turbo)

Old as dirt, 5 grandkids, mediocre build skills, terrible driver, skilled drinker

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Alex Hissong



Stock ass e46

Will out drive anybody in grandmas whip. Has a cool dog, 10/10 good boy

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Kyle Ash





Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Kage Jones


No Talent Drift Team


Bought the car and instantly did open headers just to piss everyone off. Honestly. Who can’t drift an e46 tho?

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Nate Hathaway



2014 Mustang

I’m a 21 year old kid who got 100% addicted to drifting and can’t stop. I started a YouTube this year and I try to provide the Pittsburgh PA area with the best car content possible.

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Timothy Phillips



2006 Bmw e90 330i

The e90 guy.

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Joe Simonelli


Slim pickles

87 rx7

I can fix anything but myself. Semi professional f**k up, but I can put together a LS pretty good.

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Seth Brady


Swamp Kids

White 350Z Roadster

His dog's name is Frank.

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Taylor Braun


Team Murica

Blue Shiterado/Black Shitstang

DRIFT PAOHNY's pride and joy. A top contender for America as a whole. Winner of the Noble 3 Award bestowed upon him by Dale himself so the story goes.

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Zach Snyder


Team Vacation

e46+snail power

Do your worst mr petty

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Brett Beckmann


Team Vacation/Drifting Life Sideways

sc300 W/1jzgte Non-vvti

Professional "UnProfessional" Drifter Since 2013.

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Gabe “Princess” Ott


Total Loss

White BMW E30 & Black total loss e36

Hi my name is Gabe but everyone calls me princess because “Gabriella” is too big of a word for Brad Snyder to pronounce. I enjoy Piño Coladas, long walks on the beach, and putting tire marks on doors. You can typically find me in the party tandem line or partying with the total loss team at the Matsuri events. Come by and say hi!

Gabe “Princess” Ott

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Jeff Clark



S197 mustang

Hi my name is Jeff I like to party

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Gage Pamer



1989 Mazda RX7

Rippin shitties and suckin titties

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Mike Johnston


Broke Boiz

1999 e46

Don't let the car fool you. It usually sits apart until the week before the event not running, and somehow manages to be running the day of the event. Sometimes I know what in doing, usually I'm just guessing.

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Chris Ley





Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Kevin Ferraro


Drift Nuggets


Here for the Glizzies and Moto 4/tiny quad stunts

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Matt Knapp




Shit driver, even shittier human being. Likes Chinese food and burritos. Check out my only fans

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Fred Maybach


Life Ruiner

BMW M3 w/Turbo M50

Fred has a checkers or wreckers mentality. His dad will buy him a new car if he destroys this one so he's not afraid of taking out the competition. 

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Mike Christen



2007 Cadillac CTS-V

I like drifting and Junkyard Chevy motors as much as I love anime tiddies.

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Chris Cotrupi


Miracle Garage

240SX w/ Supercharged LS2

Former Formula Drift Pro 2 Driver. Continually says it’s a miracle his car runs as well as it does! Prepare to be disappointed by Chris’s terrible puns.

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Brady Wood



e36 with the salad shooters

Like corgis and that’s his entire personality. Owns 27 corollas and still drifts an e36

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Martha York



Broken fox body

Dumb bitch

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Aaron Farrell



2004 Infiniti g35

3 kids 1 drift car and nothing but smoke 😂

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Ben Hogan



1996 BMW M3

Drifting for about 5 years now. Just finished building my car this past winter. Excited to be back on track, improve my driving skills and do some sweet tandems.

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Tyler Schuster



Biggest turd e36 coupe

Known for having a different chassis every event I attend. From body roll to blowing have my drive train. But 16 years old and slowly dying from breathing in car tires for a living. :)

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Bret Carapellatti


Swamp Kids

Blue 350Z

Ebay JDM Style lordt. He only got into drifting because he was tired of blowing up his subaru.

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Spencer Evans


Swamp Kids

Lime Green 350Z

He's not of age yet so don't even think about it. He was put in A group at his first ever drift event. What's your excuse?

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Austin Fahy


Team No Joe

96 bmw 316ti

Team "No Joe" Captain. This will be my first event so don't laugh at me, or do idc. Mustache rides will be available all weekend long for a small donation 😎

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Ashley Beckmann


Team Vacation


Swears 13b is the best engine out there.

Car will be ready to rip by 2024...

....2030 at the latest

Screw it, just let me wash your car, I need the money 😫

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Bryce Lucarelli


The racelab boys

That 350z with the bosozuku exhaust

"the fdf king and painesville speedway punisher" can usually be found crying about not having friends to hang out with.

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Michael Carrelli


Triangle Dr. / Youforia

G35 Sedan

I change cars like I change my underwear. Once a year. I also drink milk on the rocks. What more can I say?

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Christopher Wise



92 E36

If its broke a zip tie will fix it!

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Nick Rastatter


Broke Boiz

2001 e46 330i

Yeah, I've been through like 5 different cars over the past 1-2 years. Yes they were Rotted out beyond belief. I'm the single reason were called the Broke Boiz. Somehow I manage to scrounge up enough dough to make it to the drift event every time.

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Spencer Jackman



94 e36 panzer tank

Hi my names Spencer would you like to talk about our lord and savior Chris hooker? He died for our sins and then came back in a s13. I hate my car I also hate toms car and josh’s car I actually hate cars. Why am I here? Who are you? In Chris hookers name we pray AMEN!!

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Devin Borden


Drift police

03 Nissan 350z

Just make something up. It’ll be more fun that way

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Andrew Lottbrein



05.5 Audi a4

Got pulled into this drift stuff by Austin Mercer but can't quite seem to get his car ready for a event. Makes a sorta alright co-pilot.

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Joe Sansone


Life Ruiner

JZX100 Mark II

Fuck you.

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Paul Robinson



2002 BMW 325i

Known for sending it too hard. Speed and power solves all

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Justin Seredich


Murica Fuck Yea!

Green Got Dang Firechicken

Has free candy in his van

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Joseph Hawkins



302 swapped e36 coupe

Golden retriever boy
Car makes lots of cool sounds
Did somebody say they needed a welder? Oh you wanted to use the tire machine?

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Jesse McCort


No Talent Drift Team

02 Mustang

Basically just watches Travis’ and hopes to be him one day. Stick around to see him never live up to his dreams. Also, what’s the big wang for? Obviously compensating for a different wang right?

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Travis Holbrook


None yet


I look like napoleon dynamite when I perm my hair. I also get offended easily when people say I can't drive

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Justin Windbigler



1997 bmw Z3 1997 bmw 328

Former Coal Miner turned drifter. Justin Developed the black lung many years ago and figures life is short so now he inhales tire smoke as a hobby.

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Ethan Fisher


Scumbag motorsports

05 350z

A poor innocent kid that got sucked into a life of drifting by his older brother and now is forced to make terrible financial decisions to keep his addiction going

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Dalton Dobson


Swamp Kids

Red?Black? E36 Sedan

Dalton is Canadian. He likes cameras. Have you heard about how big his cock is?

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Matt Lang


Team Dirty Work

Gender fluid 2003 Miata.

I identify as a loud annoying Miata.

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Brian Reichert


Team Vacation

Silver C55 AMG

Brian refuses to drive a manual car. He claims automatics are faster which is why he kept the auto trans in his AMG.

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Brian O’Connor


Team Vacation

1995 TURBOCHARGED Mazda Miata

Wanna buy some underglow? Who you callin conehead? See you on the lake!

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Jerry Dagget


The racelab boys

Silvia S15

Current and only king of lake county.
Known for driving the most obnoxiously loud 350z.
Owner of racelab Industries.
Has huge dong.
Has dyno.

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Justin Phillips


Up In Smoke Drifting

Nissan 350z

30 years old. Mostly been building cars until I bout the z 2 years ago. Been driving as much as I can afford. Love the sport, the atmosphere. Everything about it.

Sunset Sailboats_edited.jpg

Tom Perner


Yeet Fleet

Subaru Mustang

Tom enjoys buying new cars and turning them into dedicated track cars. He has no concept of money. He just knows that if you have a lot of it, you can buy things.

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