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**Drones are allowed for authorized media ONLY. All drone pilots are required to have an FAA Part 107 license. Proof of this license may be asked of you at any time. If you would like to become an authorized drone pilot then fill out a media application below. If you are accepted as an authorized drone pilot then you will get a confirmation email. 

All drone use will be coordinated on site with the head of drone media. During Qualifying and the Competition, we ask that all drone pilots park and do not fly unless approved as part of the livestream. We will have dedicated drone pilots for our livestream, any other drone use is strictly forbidden during those times. 

  • All media are required to post content within 10 DAYS of the event. This was implemented in the 2023 season. Failure to comply will revoke your media pass for future events. We expect at least 30 pictures from anyone shooting photo and a social media length video from anyone who is shooting video only.  

  • When posting media, please use hashtags for the event. Event hastag examples are the name of the event followed by 2024. Such as "#WinterBash2024" 

  • All media posts are required to tag Lake Erie Speedway and Drift PAOHNY in your posts. If you have any questions about tagging or use of hashtags please ask.

  • MEDIA IS NOT PERMITTED to park in the Pit area. If caught or if anyone gives a worker/ staff a hard time about this, your media credentials/ card will be revoked! 

Media Safety

  • Be at all of the driver/media meetings to know what’s going on. The meetings are at the beginning of each drift day.

  • When on track, wear high vis safety vest and media pass

  • Never turn your back to the track. Having good track awareness is part of being a responsible media person. Accidents happen even with the best drivers and you should not trust that they will not hit you.

  • When on track, STAY IN designated media areas. We designate these areas for your safety. Do not shoot from outside these spots on the track surface.

  • Stay off grid. Grid is for the grid workers. In order for grid to flow smoothly and safely, we need the drivers to be paying attention to only one person who is sending cars.

Further media questions can be sent to

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