**Drones are only allowed for authorized media persons. If you would like to become one of those persons then fill out a media application below. If you are accepted as an authorized drone pilot then you will get a confirmation email.


 During Qualifying and the Competition, we ask that all drone pilots park and don't fly until after. We will have one dedicated drone pilot for our livestream.

Media Safety

  • Be at all of the driver/media meetings to know what’s going on. The meetings are at the beginning of each drift day.

  • When on track, wear high vis safety vest and media pass

  • Never turn your back to the track. Having good track awareness is part of being a responsible media person. Accidents happen even with the best drivers and you should not trust that they will not hit you.

  • When on track, stay in designated media areas. We designate these areas for your safety.

  • Stay off grid. Grid is for the grid workers. In order for grid to flow smoothly and safely, we need the drivers to be paying attention to only one person who is sending cars.