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  1. Bathrooms: These are 3 day events and a lot of people will be using those bathrooms. Please make sure they are fully flushed before walking out of the stall.

  2. Small fires in fire pits are allowed. Keep them away from tents, trailers, or anything else that may catch fire. Put out your fire before going to sleep. Please don't burn tires, oil, or anything else that may give off toxic fumes. We are burning rubber all day on the track, give your lungs a break. Fires must be in a fire ring 

  3. No vehicles are to be running once the lights are turned off. No burnouts, engine revving, skids, off-roading, etc. If you see anyone doing something stupid, please stop them. We have a good thing going, don't ruin it for us.

  4. Grills are allowed. We don't expect people to come out to the track for 3 days and not bring food or drinks. We will have concessions open during the day for anyone who didn't bring food or drinks with them.

  5. There are only a few electrical hook ups and those will likely be reserved for people who are bringing tire machines. Plan on bringing a generator if you want power.

  6. Anchor your tents!! If it gets windy, we don't want vehicles getting damaged when they blow away.

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