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  1. No leaks of any kind. If we see your car dripping anything, you will be asked to fix it before you are allowed to enter the track.

  2. Battery properly tied down(no zipties or ratchet straps) with a cover over the positive terminal. Battery Terminals need to be tight. Battery must be bolted to the chassis. If you are bolting it to sheet metal then large washers must be used to distribute the load and to prevent the battery from tearing the bolts through the sheet metal. Plastic battery boxes are not designed to hold a 40lb battery in place. Tie Down bracket must be metal.

  3. ***Fire-Extinguisher. This is now a requirement as of 2021. It costs less than a tire and can save your entire car from being a total loss. Mount somewhere within reach of the driver while wearing safety restraints. Must be mounted using a metal bracket.

  4. Minimum 4 point roll bar required for convertibles. It must extend past the driver's head while they are wearing a helmet. This goes for any passengers. If your passenger's helmet is sticking up past the roll bar, we will ask you to leave grid.

  5. Tow hooks front and back. If you don't want your car to be damaged while it is being towed off track, please install suitable tow hooks to prevent this. We are not liable for damages to your vehicle if it breaks on track and needs towed off.

  6. Suspension and Brakes is proper working conditions. Spend an hour going over your car before an event and make sure all your suspension parts are tight and don’t have excessive play. Check your brake pads to make sure they still have life and check your brakes to make sure they aren’t leaking and that the calipers are moving freely and none of the sliding pins are seized.

  7. Body Panels must be secured. If we notice something is loose then we will ask you to mount it properly or remove it for the day.

  8. All lug nuts/bolts must be present.

  9. Seats must be secured by at least 4 mounting points and should have little to no movement. Sliding rails are okay.

Driver and any passengers:

  1. ***Snell SA2015 or newer helmet is now required as of 2023. Bring your helmet to tech because we will be checking them.

  2. Closed toes shoes required

  3. Proper safety restraints. The below combinations are acceptable. The bottom being most preferred.

  • Stock Seat, Stock Belt, No cage

  • Bucket Seat, Stock belt, No cage

  • Bucket Seat, 4 Point+ Harness, Harness Bar, No Cage

  • Bucket Seat , 4 Point+ Harness, Cage

**If you fail tech, you will NOT be drifting until the car passes.

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