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Most of this will also be covered in every driver’s meeting before the start of the event.

  1. Bathrooms: The MatsErie events are 3 day events and a lot of people will be using those bathrooms. Please make sure they are fully flushed before walking out of the stall.

  2. PLEASE pay attention to the schedule. We usually call out run groups but it is not our responsibility to make sure you are on grid during your time slot. We will kick anyone off grid that is in the wrong run group. Run groups will be posted a few days prior to the event and a letter will be placed on your windshield during tech for grid workers to see.

  3. Only Drift PAOHNY staff is to be on grid. If you are not wearing a staff shirt, you are not allowed on grid.

  4. If you are on grid, be ready to drive. This means have your helmet on and your safety restraints on. They should be on prior to entering the track. This goes for passengers as well.

  5. Head to grid 5 minutes before your run group starts. This will ensure a constant flow of drivers.

  6. Tech inspection: There is a time slot before the event for us to inspect your car. Use this time wisely. If you show up late and can't find someone to tech your car, that's on you. We will be doing tech throughout the day but our staff also drives so they will be unavailable during their run groups. You are not allowed on track unless your car has been inspected. If we don't see a tech sticker on your windshield, we will send you back to the pits.

  7. You and your passenger need to keep their entire body inside the vehicle when it is on track. Please inform your passenger of this rule when taking them out on the track. If we see this happen, we may ask you to sit out until your next time slot.

  8. Passengers may only enter and exit your car off the track. If you want to drop off a passenger and get another one, please exit the track and then reenter grid. We don't want anyone who isn't staff walking around on the track.

  9. No drugs or alcohol for drivers. If we suspect you are under the influence of something, we will ask you to sit out the rest of the day. Also, don't show up to the driver's meeting with a beer in your hand.

  10. Be respectful of everyone around you. Good vibes only. If you are being an asshole and refuse to chill out, we will ask you to leave.

  11. 2 spin rule: If you spin twice, just drive the rest of the layout normally and go back to grid or your pit area.

  12. Dead car/collision: If your car dies on the track or you hit the wall or another car and are unable to drive the car off the track, STAY INSIDE until the safety crew reaches you. The only reason to exit a car while the track is hot is in the event of a fire. Other than fire, STAY INSIDE. The grid worker might not notice you right away and there may be a few cars on track headed your way. If your car does die on track, please give us a thumbs up to let us know that you are okay. If you give us a thumbs down, or don't signal, we will be sending the ambulance your way.

  13. Passengers are allowed for single runs in C and B groups. No passengers for tandems in B. Passengers are allowed for tandems in A but they have to be approved by staff.

  14. Help keep our good reputation with the track. Clean up any mess around your area, even if you didn't leave it!! No tires are to be left behind.

Hand Signals and flags on grid. This is very important. It's hard to hear while being on grid so hand signals and flags need to be used.

  1. Crossing your arms to form an X means you want to exit grid and head back to the pit area. We will hold cars and give you ample time to exit.

  2. Grid worker crossing their arms to form an X means exit the track. They may have spotted a leak, an issue with your car or it is the end of your run group. Take the quickest and safest way off track while trying to avoid the center of the track. If you are leaking something, we would prefer that you don’t drip it all over the layout.

  3. Thumbs up or arm waving thingy: This means GO!! The track is clear, start your drifting!!

  4. Travis spinning his finger in a circle. This means do a burnout!!(possibly the most important hand signal)

  5. Tandem hand signals. We need to know how many cars are expected to run in a tandem group so we need all drivers in that group to hold out their hand with 1,2,3,4, or 5 fingers extended. We now allow up to 7 car tandems so extending your arm up and doing a chopping motion will signal to us that we are good to send the entire row of cars. The grid worker will hold out the same amount of fingers to confirm. If we see 3 drivers holding up 3 fingers and a driver behind them holding up 3 or 4, we will only send the first 3 drivers. It is really important for all drivers in a group to know how many cars are in front or behind them.

  6. White Flag. Last run of your group. Exit the track after this run.

  7. Red Flag. Your run group is over. Exit the track.

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