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Drift PA-OH-NY Clinics


Drift PA-OH-NY and Lake Erie Speedway are excited to offer our beginner clinics. We will go over vehicle setups, tech expectations, practice drills, course layouts, and overall the importance of SEAT-TIME below!


You may be asking yourself, “is this shit for me”? If you answer yes to any of these, the answer is yes.

  • “Am I a beginner”?

  • “Do I need to work on the fundamentals”?

  • “Do I want a shit-ton of seat-time so I can quickly improve and move up the ladder”?

  • “Would I benefit from one on one ride along instruction from one or more of the extra handsome/beautiful staff members”?

  • “What are the basics to setting up a car to drift”?

  • “How TF do I pass tech”? Ok, we have made it this far! Strap on your seatbelts, its time for tech!



  1. No leaks of any kind. If we see your car dripping anything, you will be asked to fix it before entering the track

  2. Battery needs to be properly tied down. NO ZIP TIES OR RATCHET STRAPS, with a cover over the positive terminal. Battery must be bolted to the chassis. If you are bolting it to sheetmetal, large washers must be used to distribute the load to prevent tearing the metal. Plastic battery boxes are not designed to hold a heavy ass battery in place. Universal tie down kits are available at any auto parts location.

  3. Fire extinguishers are now a requirement for 2021. These must be mounted in reach of the driver, fastened with a metal bracket, not flimsy plastic bullshit!

  4. minimum 4 point rollbar required for convertibles (verts). It must extend beyond the drivers head while equipped with a helmet (driver and passenger)

  5. Tow hooks front and back. If you do not have a proper tow hook for the staff to safely pull you off course, the tow guys will find their own way to drag your pile off track, and we/they will not be responsible for any damages. Its your gamble here, do as you see fit.

  6. suspension and brakes should be in proper working condition. No sticking/leaky brakes, blown out bushings, rattling ball joints or nuts and bolts. You should always take time to go over your car before each event.

  7. body panels must be secured. If we notice loose panels we will have you secure them or remove them. When they fly off during drive time, we have to stop everyone to retrieve them. Don’t be that person

  8. all lug nuts/bolts must be present

  9. snell 2010 or newer is a requirement for driver and passengers

  10. close toed shoes required

  11. proper safety restraints

  • Stock seat, stock belt, no cage

  • Bucket seat, stock belt, no cage

  • Bucket seat, 4pt+ harness, harness bar, no cage

  • Bucket seat, 4pt+ harness, cage

If you fail tech you will not be drifting until the car passes



This is pretty simple.


  1. Rear wheel drive. Yes, this does have to be said.

  2. Welded, limited slip, or spooled rear diff

  3. Coilovers/lowering springs are not required but highly recommended

Ok, we’re almost there. Next on the list is what to expect for your clinic experience



Ok, so throughout the day there will be 4 fundamental stations set up around the facility.


  1. The Donut Barrel. Exactly what it implies. One barrel or cone will be set up. The driver will be instructed to practice getting their car to perform donuts in both directions. This will give the driver a basic feel for the car in a simple slide, as well as improving throttle control and wheel control.

  2. Figure 8. This involves 2 barrels or cones set up apart from one another for the driver to practice a figure 8. This will teach the driver how to switch their drift from one direction to the opposite direction, as well as build on the things learned from station 1.

  3. &4 The entry station. There will be 2 entry stations. One will teach the driver how to initiate a drift to the right, and the other to initiate a drift to the left. These stations are set up on the track on opposite sides. Once initiated, you can drift the full corner if desired until you reach our shutdown area.


The final half of the day, we will gather all of the drivers and discuss as a group, what kind of layout to put all of your skills together and run. The first 2 stations will stay up(in the pits) and continue all day. However, the entry stations will come down and we will be setting up a course layout to run for the rest of the day.


We hope that this is a helpful tool to answer any questions you may have. This is a very low stress event and always will be. You will get a lot of seat time and instruction as desired. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions, we are all here to help and want nothing more than to watch everyone improve, and more importantly, have fun

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