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$1,000 purse for top 3 for each round.($500,$300,$200)

$5,000 purse for top 4 for the season. ($2500,$1250,$750,$500)

Registration for the competition will be up tomorrow.

The tandem competitions will be on the following dates.

Saturday May 22nd at Spring MatsErie

Saturday July 24th at Summer MatsErie

Saturday September 4th at Fall MatsErie

All of the events can be found under events in our group.

Haltech will be giving away the following towards our series winners.

1st place - ECU 100% off and 50% off remainder of order and will be contracted with Haltech in the 2022 season

2nd place - ECU 50% off and 25% off remainder of order

3rd place - ECU and remainder of order 25% off

Tire Stacked is going to be giving away the following for each round

1st place - $250 discount on an order

2nd place - $100 discount on an order

3rd place - $100 discount on an order​​

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